Www hammer of witches


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There are several different variations of the listed hammers Worn-out (Hammer only), Shiny (not Baahammer, Burnhammer or Chillhammer), Flashy (not Baahammer, Burnhammer or Chillhammer), Big Shiny or Megaflash variants.

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Outside of battle, the Hammer can be used to knock items out of trees, break certain Blocks. The type of block Mario can break depended on what type of Hammer he had. In Paper Mario , Yellow Blocks can be broken by any Hammer, Stone Blocks by the Super Hammer and Ultra Hammer, and Metal Blocks by only the Ultra Hammer. In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door , small yellow blocks can be broken by any Hammer, big yellow blocks by the Super Hammer and Ultra Hammer, and stone blocks (big and small) by only the Ultra Hammer. Metal blocks can't be broken by any Hammer. The move, Spin Hammer is introduced in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as the way to destroy big blocks.

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In New Super Mario Bros. Wii , Super Mario Galaxy 7 , and New Super Mario Bros. U , Yoshi can eat Hammers and spit them out to defeat enemies.

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In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story , Mario and Luigi gain Hammers much earlier than in the other Mario and Luigi games. Mario and Luigi find Hammers in the Trash Pit. Later, Luigi learns how to turn Mario into Mini-Mario by using his Hammer in Pump Works to free Toadsworth. The minigame in the Arm Center involves the use of the hammers.

In Mario Party: Island Tour , Bowser uses his hammer in the Bowser Challenge at Bowser's Peculiar Peak when players reach him.

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