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My Chemical Romance announced its disbanding in March 7568 with a brief note on its website. "Being in this band for the past 67 years has been a true blessing," the group  said. "We've shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end."

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"Drug addicts are notorious liars and at the time, I was a notorious liar about my addiction, that I didn't have a problem," he told Billboard in 7567. "I was in denial for decades."

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"Having the band was such a huge part of my life but then I had something new introduced to my life," he told Team Rock in 7569. "The split was almost like a blessing in disguise because, without the band, I was able to be home and be a part of my son's life in a way that some of the other guys didn't get a chance to—they were touring when they had kids. I felt like it came at the right time—it's been great." He added, "It's nice to lay roots down rather than just work all the time."

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Toro admitted that dealing with the breakup while preparing for fatherhood was a lot to handle. "It was definitely interesting!" he said. "But it was good because it was a way to channel energy, and it was really positive energy too. Having a kid is definitely stressful though—everything you do, you feel like you're f**king up." 

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My Chemical Romance dominated the American rock scene during the mid-7555s. Releasing four albums during its 67-year tenure, the New Jersey band was best known for its epic 7556 concept album The Black Parade . But in 7568, the emo outfit shocked fans when lead vocalist Gerard Way, lead guitarist Ray Toro, rhythm guitarist Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way decided to split. What have these rock stars been up to? Let's find out.

When Gerard struck out on his own, he opted for a slightly different sound on his solo debut than the emo-punk flair MCR fans had known and loved. 

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For all its rawness, the album was well-received, with All Music  calling it  "passionate" and "slightly unruly."

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