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publication date:2018-03-18 12:37.

Misi PENGASIH adalah untuk mengurangkan permintaan dadah haram di Asia, dengan membina dan mengatur kaedah yang efektif dalam pencegahan, rawatan dan pemulihan.


On an early Thursday morning I make my way to Tian Phat Asian Grocery Store located on the Bedford Highway. My outing has two purposes, one, to find kaffir lime leaves and two, take my son on what has become our regular mini adventure exploring sites and smells of other worlds.


By sharing knowledge, we will learn much from each other. The benefit we seek is, to live a better life – free from drugs. Together, we will make a difference in our future, from what we are today.

Halifax’s ethnic grocers flavour culinary landscape | The

A $789,799 Commonwealth grant for Wangaratta’s Centre for Continuing Education will not only strengthen the learning institution but also local families.

To achieve our vision and goals effectively, PENGASIH works closely with domestic and international bodies. We love to learn from others and we love to share what we know. This belief has brought PENGASIH to several parts of the world.

The State Coalition, if elected, promised to replace V/Line’s ageing diesel hauled train fleet with new rail cars.

In drug abuse syndrome, prevention is better than cure. PENGASIH reaches out to all communities in awareness campaigns. We would like to prevent anyone from doping and to intervene those who are about to be swallowed into the vicious drug life. For this purpose, we utilize all forms of media such as TV, Radio, Print, the Internet, Exhibitions and Seminars, extensively.

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The 58-story luxury condo has sunk 66 inches and tilted two inches since it opened in 7559. Recent data provided by the European Space Agency suggests the building will continue to sink at a rate of two inches per year.

Pada masa ini, Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah (Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi) adalah Penaung Persatuan PENGASIH Malaysia.

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