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Princess Bubblegum acts noticeably more childlike when she is not in her role as the princess. She dresses and talks more casually when she is not busy with her work, as seen in " Video Makers " and " What Was Missing." As a princess, she is prim, poised, and straight-laced, but is quite capable of loosening up and dressing/acting like a regular teenager with her friends. In the episode " Wizard Battle ," Princess Bubblegum's kiss (on the mouth) is the prize of winning the Wizard Battle. When she is being displayed on a blimp as a prize, she appears to be rather cooperative with the idea and even shows off a bit.

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Tetra also appears in the non-canon spin-off Zelda titles, Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U and Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 8DS.

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In the Game Boy Color version of the game , she appears on her castle, narrating the game. Daisy is at her side all the time.

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Some time before the Great Calamity, the Yiga Clan even attempted to assassinate Zelda before she could awaken her sealing magic. They would have succeeded, had it not been for Link`s intervention. After the Great Calamity, with Zelda sealing herself with Ganon in Hyrule Castle, the Yiga Clan focused on hunting down Link and any of Zelda's surviving allies instead.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time starts with a flashback to the past. When the story starts, Toadsworth the , is taking care of the baby princess , as she cries often. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi sometimes come to play with her, and even Baby Bowser still comes to kidnap her. But one day, aliens known as Shroobs invade the Mushroom Kingdom, and as Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Bowser, Baby Peach and Toadsworth are all in the kingdom, Baby Bowser calls Kamek to get them out of the castle, who arrives and takes them out with the Koopa Cruiser, just in time.

As a helper, Peach's skill restores half of the party's maximum HP, while her helper skill raises the ATK of all teammates by 8x, as long as the party's current HP is at or above 55% its maximum value.

Although once again the damsel in distress of the game's story mode, Peach returns as an unlockable playable character in Super Mario Run , along with Mario , Luigi , Toad , Toadette , and the colored Yoshis. She is unlocked after the player defeats Bowser in Bowser's Bob-ombing Run at least once, and her special ability consists of slowly descending in midair.

Mario Party 8 was the final Mario series installment overall for Peach to wear her classic main dress. Mario Party 9 was the first installment overall for Peach to wear her modern/current main dress, which had substantial changes from her classic dress in Mario series' installments prior to it. Certain features were still kept from Peach's classic dress for her modern/current main outfit including her brooch, gloves, and earrings.

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