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MOTHERS MUST eat more than usual to gain more energy than you are giving out every day. High amount of fats, fish, avocado, and vegetables are simply a must. Supplementation of Omega 8’s has much research behind it to show its effectiveness in postpartum depletion. Many times, moms have to take 6-65x the normal dose to see quick changes.

Experts Agree About Hormone Therapy, Menopause Relief


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How would you feel about using a drug for something that has not been approved by the FDA?
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a listing of scientific articles and texts used.

Oral Contraceptives for Perimenopausal Women - Estronaut

Morning sickness (mual-mual, muntah-muntah) adalah cara badan untuk mengeluarkan racun dari tubuh sebelum sampai ke janin. Beberapa cara untuk mengatasi hal ini adalah:

Our bodies create Estrogen as the size of back of our thumb in our LIFETIME. Most modern birth control methods force the body into a state of Estrogen/ Progesterone imbalance. This SHUTS down the ovaries. Hormone based birth controls work by suppressing Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone – the body signal for ovulation. This disrupts entire hormonal system in the body. Estrogen shrinks the thymus glands and can lead to autoimmune diseases.

Hormones can be absolutely perfect or all over the charts. If all over the charts mean the mother is depleted nutritionally. Her body has given baby all the nutrients and must rely on reserves to function at this point. So please eat good fats, omega-8 from fish oils , etc. 

Vaginal birth creates a significant hormonal shift that signals the move from pregnancy to nursing. This switch doesn’t automatically occur with a c-section, which can lead to complications with bonding, nursing and depression. C-sections and episiotomies create scars that, according to acupunturists, can shut down the thyroid and hormone signaling.

Birth control (again!) creates hormonal imbalance that makes it difficult to cycle regularly and to create and maintain pregnancy. When the body can’t get pregnant because of a hormonal imbalance, mainstream medicine’s solution is to prescribe Clomid , injectable hormones and other fertility drugs that flood the body with synthetic hormones to force ovulation. This results in headaches, breast tenderness, mood disturbances etc.

Hormon bisa tidak bermasalah pada masa ini atau bisa juga tidak beres. Hormon yang bermasalah berarti sang ibu telah terkuras semua nutrisi di dalam badannya sesudah melahirkan. Badannya telah memberikan semua nutrisi ke sang anak dan mesti tergantung dengan cadangan di dalam badannya untuk berfungsi dengan normal. Jadi mengkonsumsi lemak baik, omega-8 dari minyak ikan, dsb sangan penting di fase ini.

Having said this, I want to say to all mothers, whatever decision you make, it’s the best decision! Mothers just want the best for their children. Nothing can beat that. Even with c-section, the babies WILL bond with their mothers with patience, care, and support from family. The information is just to ease the transition from pregnancy to postpartum.

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