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Dark Red Norland* Consistent yields resistant to early blight and early maturity allows for harvest before late blight can strike. I 8767 ve grown these previously and find the flavor and productivity to be excellent.

Fair Oaks Boulevard Nursery

Peppers are good to eat! In our house, we go through a vast quantity of sweet peppers and a fair quantity of hot peppers. I don 8767 t think it will be possible to grow too many peppers, but I 8767 ll try by growing these:

Plant | Pacific Northwest Dream

Egyptian onions , or walking onions, . tree onions, Allium cepa var. proliferum , are on the list as well. You can harvest the bulbs from the ground, and plant the bulbs that grow at the top of the stalk. Minimal effort is needed to produce a healthy harvest of Egyptian onions for fresh eating, pickling, or preserving.

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Allium Planting Info:


Pepper, hot, Capsicum annuum
Basque “Espalette” chili pepper to dry and grind into chili powder may make a string of them too
Chimayo this will be a new one to try and compare dried to the Basque pepper
Gabi Hot Wax, or Hungarian Hot Wax love these pickled and fresh makes good paprika
Numex Joe E Parker want to try this one for stuffed peppers and other dishes
Santa Fe Grande excellent fresh, have not tried them otherwise
Tam Jalapeno, or Early Jalapeno great for salsa and pho, will want plenty of these

Seed Potato Sources:
Fedco Moose Tubers
Grand Teton Organics
Maine Potato Lady
Potato Garden
Stargazer Perennials
Wood Prairie Family Farm

Astragalus 97 Milkvetch - Seeds
Astragalus membranaceus, Milk Vetch, Yellow Vetch or Huang Chi.

I plan to grow several varieties of potatoes ( Solanum tuberosum ) every year, but will likely grow even more varieties the first year to determine which work best for each of the types I wish to grow. The types are: an early potato (doesn 8767 t have to be a storage type), a great storage potato, and I 8767 d like to grow several colors to reap the benefits of their nutritional profiles. Qualities sought are flavor, disease resistance, high crop yield, and a fit for the local climate. Of the many varieties available, I 8767 m interested in trying:

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